Our Home Loan Products

Basic Home Loan

A basic home loan can be used towards a home purchase, to refinance a property, or for the construction of a residential dwelling.

But a basic home loan is just that; basic. You won't have access to some of the additional features available on other home loan products, although this can mean access to a lower interest rate and other associated fees.

Package Home Loans

Package home loans, otherwise known as 'professional package home loans', are an assortment of various products with a lender (credit cards, personal loans, savings, and offset transaction accounts).

Package Home Loans generally provide the benefit of decreased interest rates based on your personal situation - in exchange you'll enjoy a reduced annual fee.

Low Doc Home Loan

If you're self-employed or a business owner, and therefore unable to provide full income documentation such as financial statements and tax returns, then a Low Documentation (Low Doc) loan is an option for you.

Bridging Loans

If you're planning to purchase new property before you've sold your existing property, it's worth considering a bridging loan.
As a general lending rule, the combined value of your existing loan and the bridging loan cannot exceed 75% of the total value of both properties.

In addition, bridging loans are only available on a variable interest rate. At the end of the bridging period, you have the option to change to another variable rate or choose a fixed rate alternative.

The residual loan is the amount that will continue after the settlement of your existing property's sale.

Credit Impaired Home Loans

Financial situations vary and can sometimes result in a less than desirable credit rating.

Unexpected life events, unusual income or employment types and a range of other factors can have an effect on your borrowing power.

It's worth asking what your options are though, as we may be able to help. In some circumstances, Our Broker might be able to find you alternatives to help you continue forward with your goals.

Construction Loans

If you're planning on building your dream home, you may consider a Construction Loan. Also available on the purchase of residential land where the intention is to build within 12 months of settlement, a construction loan gives you the ability to withdraw required funds for building in stages to cover the bills with your tradies and suppliers.

Most lenders offer their construction loans at a variable interest rate. Once the construction is finished, the loan will revert to principal and interest repayments.

There are a number of requirements you may need to provide for eligibility including plans, permits and a fixed-price building contract.

A condition of the loan is completion of the build within 12 months of commencement, also known as the 'construction period'.

Renovating Loans

Basic renovations and home improvements can usually be funded through your home loan. If you only require a small amount for your project, you may be able to redraw additional funds from your current home loan.

Seniors Home Loan (Reverse Mortgage)

Unlocking the equity in your home could make a big difference to your lifestyle.

With a Seniors Home Loan, the percentage you can borrow against your home is generally minimal. All principal, interest, fees and charges are repaid when the property is sold or estate settled, or 6 months after the death of the last borrower.

'No negative equity guarantee' means if the value of your home falls, your family will not have to cover the difference between the market value and what is owed.

SMSF loans (Self-Managed Super Funds Home Loan)

Australians have been able to purchase property through their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) since 2007.

By using your SMSF you can invest in residential property, commercial space, warehousing, showrooms, shops, and factories.

However, SMSF loans differ slightly from regular home loan borrowing, so it's important to talk to Our Broker's finance specialists to find out more.


The mortgage market today is very competitive, with plenty of lenders offering great deals. But are you getting the best deal with your current loan provider?

By refinancing, you could end up with a cheaper home loan which better suits your needs. It's worth letting Our Broker do the shopping around for you to ensure you're always getting the best deal to suit your personal situation.